Photo of the day, thumbs up for music videos

Today’s photos of the day are shooting photos again. The photos were taken in various locations during the shooting of a music video.

sagun shahi thumbs up

After ‘Dhuwani’ (watch ‘Dhuwani’ here), music video shootings have kept Sagun busy these days. Although she has signed in a number of movies, her second movie is yet to release. In the recent release, ‘Tiger the Real Hero’, Sagun was featured in a super hit song “Ma pa se le maryo …”

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Photo of the day, Selfie safety guide from Russia, with love

Today’s photo of the day is a selfie and a photo in shirt and jeans. Selfie is a recent trend of taking one’s photo by the self. Because of the popularity of the trend, the dictionaries have also included the word in their new-words list.

sagun shahi shirt1

What is a selfie?

A selfie is a self-portrait photograph featuring the photographer. A selfie is typically taken with either hand or a selfie stick holding a digital camera or a camera phone. These photos are usually close ups as most of them are taken by the camera held at arm’s length. Other most common selfies are taken by pointing camera at a mirror instead of using a self-timer. Selfies are often taken to share on social networking services like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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