Music video – Katro Ichha Thiyo

Lokdohari video ‘Katro Ichha Thiyo …’ features the voices of Baburam Panthi and Devi Gharti. The lyrics and music is composed by Bishnu Khatri. The cameraperson is Durga Poudel, editing by Bishnu Sharma and the video is directed by Prakash Bhatta.

The artists in the music video are Sagun Shahi, Arjun Bohara and Umesh Baniya.

Details of the song:

  • Song title – Katro Ichha Thiyo …
  • Voice – Baburam Panthi and Devi Gharti
  • Lyrics – Bishnu Khatri
  • Music – Bishnu Khatri
  • Camera – Durga Poudel
  • Editing- Bishnu Sharma
  • Director – Prakash Bhatta

The music video is a traditional lok dohori song, typically sung in villages. This is one of the many music video featuring model and actress Sagun. Here are some photos taken at the time of the shooting of the music video:

sagun shahi shooting in un park
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