Photos of the day, why is belly piercing wrong ?

Today’s photos of the day are photos in tiger print t-shirt and jeans shorts. There were a lot of comments about belly piercing in Facebook.

Belly piercing is a common practice these days. If you pierce nose, ears that is ok and how can it be wrong to pierce belly?

In fact, ex-princess, Himani Shah has also pierced her belly more than 4 years ago (See here -> can’t HImani Shah pierce her bellybutton?).

Sagun Shahi at home1

Here is one of the comments in Facebook about belly piercing:

facebook comment sagun

Why is nose piercing or ear piercing right and belly piercing wrong?

There should have been similar comments when women pierced their nose or ears for the first time, in the history.

Sagun Shahi at home2

Sagun Shahi at home3

Sagun Shahi at home4

One thought on “Photos of the day, why is belly piercing wrong ?

  1. sagun. ji tapaiko face body structure acting ramro xa Tara flim xatrama famous hunuparo RA tapaiko number pauna sakinxa please assa xa…

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