Photo of the day – Traditional Nepali dress

Sagun looks great in traditional Nepali dress. Of course, she looks gorgeous in miniskirts and shorts, but what suits her most is Nepali gunyo cholo. First look at the following photos before you agree or disagree:

sagun shahi nepali gunyo choli

Photo 1 – Sagun wearing a traditional red gunyo and choli and carrying doko – a basket to carry grass for the domesticated animals.

sagun shahi in black choli

Photo 2 -Black choli and gunyo with yellow patuka.

sagun shahi in choli and wearing dori on hair

Photo 3 – Sagun wearing black choli and dori in her hair.

sagun shahi in dhaka choli and gunyo

Photo 4 – Sagun wearing traditional Dhaka choli, yellow patuki and pink gunyo.

3 thoughts on “Photo of the day – Traditional Nepali dress

  1. Photo of the day your sangam size the best character i like you your discovery photo nepali chalchitra nepali lok dohori kothari duniya ma english i i love you too

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