Photo of the day, Selfie safety guide from Russia, with love

Today’s photo of the day is a selfie and a photo in shirt and jeans. Selfie is a recent trend of taking one’s photo by the self. Because of the popularity of the trend, the dictionaries have also included the word in their new-words list.

sagun shahi shirt1

What is a selfie?

A selfie is a self-portrait photograph featuring the photographer. A selfie is typically taken with either hand or a selfie stick holding a digital camera or a camera phone. These photos are usually close ups as most of them are taken by the camera held at arm’s length. Other most common selfies are taken by pointing camera at a mirror instead of using a self-timer. Selfies are often taken to share on social networking services like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

These photographs are usually quick shots are made to appear casual.

The earliest usage of the word selfie can be traced as far back as 2002. It first appeared in Karl Kruszelnicki’s ‘Dr Karl Self-Serve Science Forum’, an Australian internet forum (ABC Online) on 13 September 2002. The term “selfie” was discussed by photographer Jim Krause in 2005. In 2013, the word “selfie” was included in the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary. In November 2013, the word “selfie” was announced as being the “word of the year” by the Oxford English Dictionary.

A number of people have died while taking daring selfie. For the safety of such people, Russian Ministry of the Interior has recently released a “Selfie safety guide” that warns selfie enthusiasts about some common dangerous behaviors. English translated version of the guide is attached (click to enlarge, credit 3Prime web solution).


Smile, take selfie and be safe !

sagun shahi selfie smile

sagun shahi shirt2

Will talk about selfie videos some other time:

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