Photo of the day – more Saree photos

Saree is popular among Nepali women. But, the traditional Nepali dress is a bit different from the modern saree. Saree is one of the most popular dress among women in South Asian countries.

Here are five different photos of Sagun in different saree styles. You might also want to visit the post – Saree clad Sagun, for more photos of Sagun in saree.

Please choose which pose do you like the most and please comment by telling why do you like it. Thank you.

sagun shahi in traditional dress sareer

Photo 1 – A traditional and popular saree in rural Nepal, photo taken during the shooting of a Dashain music video.

sagun shahi in saree

Photo 2 – Sagun wearing a saree with a lot of embroideries during the shooting of a music video.

sagun trying a saree at home

Photo 3 – Sagun testing a red saree at home.

sagun shahi saree in teej

Photo 4 – Sagun and her friend during the shooting of Teej music video.

Sagun saree

Photo 5 – A photo of Sagun during a music video shooting.

Sagun shahi saree and green pote

Photo 6 – A traditional attire in green, usually worn during Shrawan month. Photo from a music video shooting.

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