Music video – Katro Ichha Thiyo

Lokdohari video ‘Katro Ichha Thiyo …’ features the voices of Baburam Panthi and Devi Gharti. The lyrics and music is composed by Bishnu Khatri. The cameraperson is Durga Poudel, editing by Bishnu Sharma and the video is directed by Prakash Bhatta.

The artists in the music video are Sagun Shahi, Arjun Bohara and Umesh Baniya.

Details of the song:

  • Song title – Katro Ichha Thiyo …
  • Voice – Baburam Panthi and Devi Gharti
  • Lyrics – Bishnu Khatri
  • Music – Bishnu Khatri
  • Camera – Durga Poudel
  • Editing- Bishnu Sharma
  • Director – Prakash Bhatta

The music video is a traditional lok dohori song, typically sung in villages. This is one of the many music video featuring model and actress Sagun. Here are some photos taken at the time of the shooting of the music video:

sagun shahi shooting in un park
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Romantic music video – Jiwan ko Goreto

Here is a beautiful and sentimental Nepali love song  featuring heart touching words of Dr. Anup Srivastav. The song in the voice Uma Gurung Bhattarai features Sagun Shahi with Rahul.

sagun shahi

Details of the song:

  • Song title : Jiwan Ko Goreto …
  • Voice –  Uma Gurung Bhattarai
  • Lyrics  – Dr. Anup Srivastav
  • Music – Rahul Pradhan
  • Camera – Ravi Chandra
  • Editing – Subash Devkota
  • Producer-  Hari Silwal
  • Director – Raju Adhikari

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Photo of the day, thumbs up for music videos

Today’s photos of the day are shooting photos again. The photos were taken in various locations during the shooting of a music video.

sagun shahi thumbs up

After ‘Dhuwani’ (watch ‘Dhuwani’ here), music video shootings have kept Sagun busy these days. Although she has signed in a number of movies, her second movie is yet to release. In the recent release, ‘Tiger the Real Hero’, Sagun was featured in a super hit song “Ma pa se le maryo …”

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Aatmahattya, a music video of Purnakala BC and Balkumar Shrestha

New lok dohori titled ‘Atmahattya’ features the voice of Purnakala BC and Balkumar Shrestha. The song is a part of album titled ‘Atmahattya’. The lyrics of the song is written by Kamal Aryal and the tune is composed by Kamal Sargam.

sagun shahi music video 2

The music video is produced and distributed by Sankalan Sangeet. The models in the music video are Krishna Prashant and Sagun Shahi.

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Photo of the day, music video shooting, Tare Bhir

The following are the photos during the shooting of the music video titled ‘Tare Bhir …’ a song by Sachin Rai. A music video made on a sentimental Ghazal by DR Atu, ‘Tare Bhir …’ was recently shot in various locations in Kathmandu including Godawari on July 18, 2015. The shooting was done in the day and night. The song is recorded on the voice of singer Sachin Rai. The song is a part of Ghazal collection album titled ‘Sanu’. After the completion of the post production, the music video is expected to release in a week.

The July 19 Photo of the Day features other photos taken during the shooting of the music video.

sagun shahi godawari shooting4

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Photo of the day, Shooting in Godawari

The following photos are Photo of the day, Shooting in Godawari. The long shooting day lasted day and night.

sagun shahi shooting in godavari5

Godawari is also known for the botanical garden located in the place. In addition to garden, It is also one of the popular hiking destinations in Nepal. The area is  rich in wildlife a great  natural environment. Godawari Botanical Garden is host to different plants and trees including wide variety of flowers. The garden is one of the popular destination for the shooting of movies and music videos. A lot of fashion photos are also taken in the garden.

Please comment on the photos.

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Tiger the Real Hero item song, Ma pa sele Maryo …

Sagun Shahi was called to dance in this item song when actress and dancer Sushma Karki didn’t show up in the shooting. The director of the film, Raju Giri, called Sagun to dance in the hot item dance with actress Suvekshya Thapa and Ashok Phuyal.

sagun shahi item dance shooting tiger the real hero (4)

Song  – Ma Pa Se le maryo (मा पा से ले मार्यो)
Vocal – Ramji Khand, Purnakala BC
Lyrics – Kusum Bhattarai
Music – Arjun Pokharel
Director – Raju Giri
Cinematography – Mukesh Humagain
Editing –  Kranti KC
Choreography – Kranti KC
Film – Tiger the Real Hero

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Pagal, Award winning music video, Ramji Khand and Puranakala BC

For the acting in the attached video Sagun Shahi has won the Bindhyabasini Music Award 2014 in Best Music Video Model category.

pagal music video sagun shahi

The details of the award winning music video:

Song  – Pagal (पागल)
Vocal – Ramji Khand, Puranakala BC
Lyrics – Shiva Hamal
Music – Shiva Hamal
Director – Prakash Bhatta
Cinematography – Durga Poudel
Editing –  Bishnu Sharma
Credit – Sagarmatha Digital

Watch the music video:

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Sambhavana by Aldada ft. Shristi

A music by Aldada from the album ‘Yatra’ features models Aayub KC and Sagun Shahi. The music, lyrics and vocals are composed by Aldada and the music video is produced by Sirjana Sharma.

Watch the music video:

Song  – Sambhavana (सम्भाबना)
Vocal – Aldada
Lyrics – Aldada
Music – Aldada
Director – Ujjwal
Cinematography – Basanta Rupakheti
Credit – Krishna Films and Advertising
Video Location: Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Sagun shahi shooting Sambhavana by Aldada (5)

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Yestai Rahechha Juni – Devi Gharti and Kulendra BK

A song titled ‘Yestai Rahechha Juni’ by popular singers Devi Gharti and Kulendra BK also features Sagun Shahi with model Shishir Poudel.

Song  – Yestai Rahechha Juni (यस्तै रहेछ जुनी)
Vocal – Devi Gharti, Kulendra BK
Lyrics – Shiva Hamal
Music – Shiva Hamal
Credit –Trisana Digital

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