Aatmahattya, a music video of Purnakala BC and Balkumar Shrestha

New lok dohori titled ‘Atmahattya’ features the voice of Purnakala BC and Balkumar Shrestha. The song is a part of album titled ‘Atmahattya’. The lyrics of the song is written by Kamal Aryal and the tune is composed by Kamal Sargam.

sagun shahi music video 2

The music video is produced and distributed by Sankalan Sangeet. The models in the music video are Krishna Prashant and Sagun Shahi.

Director of the music video is Kapil Lama, editing by Sujan Shai and cinematography by Rajesh Ghimire. The video is produced by Om Shiva Films.

(Watch the music video at the end of the post after a few photos of the music video shooting)

sagun shahi music video 5

sagun shahi music video 1

sagun shahi music video 4

sagun shahi music video 7

Watch the music video:

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