Happy Tihar, Deepawali the festival of light and prosperity

The second biggest festival in Nepal, Tihar has started today. SagunShahi.com admin wishes all the visitors of this site a very happy Tihar. I wish your life is filled with joy and prosperity.

What is Tihar?

Tihar is a 5-days-long festival – the second biggest festival in Nepal after Dashain.

  1. The festival starts with Kaag Tihar – a day to worship the bird, crow.
  2. The second day is the festival of dog, the most faithful animal to the humankind.
  3. The third day is the day of cow and Laxmi. Laxmi puja falls on the new moon day (darkest night of month) so people light candles and lights for the goddess of wealth to come visit their homes.
  4. The fourth day is the day of ox, Mha Puja (a self worship) and Goverdhan Puja.
  5. The fifth day is the day of brothers and sister to worship each other. They exchange blessings and gifts on the last day of tihar – Bhai Tika.

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