Photo of the day, Hookah time

Toda’s photo of the day are taken in a Hookah Bar.

A very traditional instrument for smoking, hookah, has made it into the modern restaurant culture in recent days. Popularly known as Shisha or waterpipe, narghile, arghila, aalyan or many other different name, it is a multi-stemmed instrument for vaporizing and smoking flavored tobacco called shisha. The vapor or smoke is passed through a water basin before inhalation.

Sagun shahi hookah bar

It is believed that Hookah originated in Persia, Iran during the Safavid dynasty.

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Aatmahattya, a music video of Purnakala BC and Balkumar Shrestha

New lok dohori titled ‘Atmahattya’ features the voice of Purnakala BC and Balkumar Shrestha. The song is a part of album titled ‘Atmahattya’. The lyrics of the song is written by Kamal Aryal and the tune is composed by Kamal Sargam.

sagun shahi music video 2

The music video is produced and distributed by Sankalan Sangeet. The models in the music video are Krishna Prashant and Sagun Shahi.

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Photo of the day, music video shooting, Tare Bhir

The following are the photos during the shooting of the music video titled ‘Tare Bhir …’ a song by Sachin Rai. A music video made on a sentimental Ghazal by DR Atu, ‘Tare Bhir …’ was recently shot in various locations in Kathmandu including Godawari on July 18, 2015. The shooting was done in the day and night. The song is recorded on the voice of singer Sachin Rai. The song is a part of Ghazal collection album titled ‘Sanu’. After the completion of the post production, the music video is expected to release in a week.

The July 19 Photo of the Day features other photos taken during the shooting of the music video.

sagun shahi godawari shooting4

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Photo of the day, mehandi and chura in Shrawan

Shrawan is the month of red and green bangles, yellow and green beads. In Nepal, Shrawan month is considered the month of Lord Shiva. Throughout the month, unmarried women worship lord Shiva to find a perfect husband. Married women worship the god for the long life and prosperity of their husbands. They usually flock to Shiva temples including Pashupati on Mondays of the month and fast for the day. Women wear green colored clothes, glass bangles and temporary tattoo (mehandi) in hopes of making Shiva happy. The month is also known for Bol Bam tour.

sagun shahi shrawan month

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Photo of the day, Selfie safety guide from Russia, with love

Today’s photo of the day is a selfie and a photo in shirt and jeans. Selfie is a recent trend of taking one’s photo by the self. Because of the popularity of the trend, the dictionaries have also included the word in their new-words list.

sagun shahi shirt1

What is a selfie?

A selfie is a self-portrait photograph featuring the photographer. A selfie is typically taken with either hand or a selfie stick holding a digital camera or a camera phone. These photos are usually close ups as most of them are taken by the camera held at arm’s length. Other most common selfies are taken by pointing camera at a mirror instead of using a self-timer. Selfies are often taken to share on social networking services like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Photo of the day, Shooting in Godawari

The following photos are Photo of the day, Shooting in Godawari. The long shooting day lasted day and night.

sagun shahi shooting in godavari5

Godawari is also known for the botanical garden located in the place. In addition to garden, It is also one of the popular hiking destinations in Nepal. The area is  rich in wildlife a great  natural environment. Godawari Botanical Garden is host to different plants and trees including wide variety of flowers. The garden is one of the popular destination for the shooting of movies and music videos. A lot of fashion photos are also taken in the garden.

Please comment on the photos.

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Photos of the day, why is belly piercing wrong ?

Today’s photos of the day are photos in tiger print t-shirt and jeans shorts. There were a lot of comments about belly piercing in Facebook.

Belly piercing is a common practice these days. If you pierce nose, ears that is ok and how can it be wrong to pierce belly?

In fact, ex-princess, Himani Shah has also pierced her belly more than 4 years ago (See here -> can’t HImani Shah pierce her bellybutton?).

Sagun Shahi at home1

Here is one of the comments in Facebook about belly piercing:

facebook comment sagun

Why is nose piercing or ear piercing right and belly piercing wrong?

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Photos of the day, selfie with Sujana Dhakal

Today’s photos of the day are some selfies with actress and model Sujana Dhakal (or Suzana Dhakal). If you want to know more about Sujana, please read her profile in Sujana’s movies ‘Awara’ and ‘Premi’ are coming soon and she has recently signed in upcoming historical movie ‘Nalapani’.

Sagun Shahi and sujana Dhakal3

Please comment. 

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Dubsmash video of Sagun Shahi

A compilation of a Dubsmash videos of Sagun Shahi. The first video is a kiss video. Sagun says, “Happy kiss day” and kisses towards the camera. This is not a dubsmash video but a short and sweet video.

sagun shahi dubsmash compilation

The second and the third are recorded from Dubsmash. One of them is lip-singing of an Indian song. The second is lip-sync of to a child’s voice. There is a little delay in the second video.

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