Debut movie of Sagun, Dhuwani, available online

The debut movie of Sagun Shahi as an actress, ‘Dhuwani’ is now available online for free. The movie made on the story of human trafficking from villages to various parts of India is the plot of the movie. In the movie, Sagun is features as a schoolgirl who is lured by a trafficker into the attractive jobs and fun life in foreign country.

Watch the ‘Dhuwani’ in xnepali.

dhuwani poster

The actor Kishor Khatiwada is featured as the elder brother of Sagun in the movie. The movie is about how Kishor rescues his sister from the girls traffickers.

Watch ‘Dhuwani’

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Pagal, Award winning music video, Ramji Khand and Puranakala BC

For the acting in the attached video Sagun Shahi has won the Bindhyabasini Music Award 2014 in Best Music Video Model category.

pagal music video sagun shahi

The details of the award winning music video:

Song  – Pagal (पागल)
Vocal – Ramji Khand, Puranakala BC
Lyrics – Shiva Hamal
Music – Shiva Hamal
Director – Prakash Bhatta
Cinematography – Durga Poudel
Editing –  Bishnu Sharma
Credit – Sagarmatha Digital

Watch the music video:

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RIP Narayan Khatiwada, Mero Manche Producer

The producer of upcoming movie ‘Mero Manche’ Narayan Khatiwada has died after the completion of the shooting of the movie. The movie is currently in post production. The movie featuring Sagun Shahi and Deepak Dhakal in leading role also features Smita Thapaliya, Surbir Pandit and Ganesh Upreti in main roles.

mero manche producer

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