Sambhavana by Aldada ft. Shristi

A music by Aldada from the album ‘Yatra’ features models Aayub KC and Sagun Shahi. The music, lyrics and vocals are composed by Aldada and the music video is produced by Sirjana Sharma.

Watch the music video:

Song  – Sambhavana (सम्भाबना)
Vocal – Aldada
Lyrics – Aldada
Music – Aldada
Director – Ujjwal
Cinematography – Basanta Rupakheti
Credit – Krishna Films and Advertising
Video Location: Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Sagun shahi shooting Sambhavana by Aldada (5)

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Photo of the day – more Saree photos

Saree is popular among Nepali women. But, the traditional Nepali dress is a bit different from the modern saree. Saree is one of the most popular dress among women in South Asian countries.

Here are five different photos of Sagun in different saree styles. You might also want to visit the post – Saree clad Sagun, for more photos of Sagun in saree.

Please choose which pose do you like the most and please comment by telling why do you like it. Thank you.

sagun shahi in traditional dress sareer

Photo 1 – A traditional and popular saree in rural Nepal, photo taken during the shooting of a Dashain music video.

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Photo of the day – Traditional Nepali dress

Sagun looks great in traditional Nepali dress. Of course, she looks gorgeous in miniskirts and shorts, but what suits her most is Nepali gunyo cholo. First look at the following photos before you agree or disagree:

sagun shahi nepali gunyo choli

Photo 1 – Sagun wearing a traditional red gunyo and choli and carrying doko – a basket to carry grass for the domesticated animals.

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Yestai Rahechha Juni – Devi Gharti and Kulendra BK

A song titled ‘Yestai Rahechha Juni’ by popular singers Devi Gharti and Kulendra BK also features Sagun Shahi with model Shishir Poudel.

Song  – Yestai Rahechha Juni (यस्तै रहेछ जुनी)
Vocal – Devi Gharti, Kulendra BK
Lyrics – Shiva Hamal
Music – Shiva Hamal
Credit –Trisana Digital

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Timro Khusi Harauda, Anju Pant

Anju Pant’s sentimental song titled ‘Timro Khusi Harauda’ features Sagun with Deepak.

Song  – Timro Khusi Harauda (तिम्रो खुशी हराउँदा)
Vocal – Anju Pant
Lyrics – Bishnuhari Poudel
Music – Kastup pant
Director – Deepak Vikram Shahi
Cinematography – Karan Chaisir
Editing – Arjun Pokharel
Credit – Sadhana Creation

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Photo of the day – happy and exciting

The photo of the day today is happy and exciting! It is a happy and exciting combination of red colored skirt and bright yellow t-shirt.

sagun shahi - happy and exciting yellow and red 1

Red is a color of excitement, strength, passion, speed, boldness, determination, desire and courage.

In the other hand, yellow the color of warmth, sunshine, happiness, comfort, energy.
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Photo of the day – saree clad Sagun

Saree is one of the simple piece of cloth for women in South Asian countries. Although there are variety of materials, shapes and sized of saree, typical Nepali saree is short in length and is worn by women in villages. The following photos of Sagun show the fashion of traditional Nepali women:

sagun shahi in dhaka choli

Photo – Traditional dhaka choli and dhoti (saree)

sagun shshi traditional nepali dress

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